Alola 2021

The first project I messed around with in GB Studio. Created Nov 11, 2021, and didn't update for much long after. Very much incomplete! But it's based on an AU I have that's set in an alternate historical Alola. The TL;DR is that it's based on the history and legends of Alola that are shown in the game, but the backgrounds of my Alola protagonist OCs and other changes I've made to the world are also inserted into this past.

...That being said, it doesn't really matter. This is a very short tech demo I was going to work on more, but lost the steam to work on it... Perhaps I'll bring it back someday. It was really fun to figure out how the engine works and parts of Gameboy limitations I didn't know. Like, obviously I knew about the colour limitations, but I didn't know about things like tile limitations and how that affects cutscenes and maps!

I actually had to replay this game for the first time since I abandoned it like, 3 years ago (yikes). There's things I forgot. Like René's mansion being in it, and he even yells at you... but I apparently never made a sprite for him, so it's just Lillie yelling at you instead. This game will take about 4 minutes to "finish".

In the end, this was more of a learning tool and an excuse to draw even more about this AU setting that I really like. I gotta come back to it sometime! Though it's so self indulgent it pretty much just exists for me.


You'll need a GameBoy emulator to play it. I recommend Visual Boy Advance. You can also add it to your 3DS or flash it onto a game cart if you're ambitious :-)

The GB file is available to download here!

You can also play it on this site here!